"It's the Suburban sounds rising furiously from the sonic ashes of murky garage, basement, and spare room burn out jams. Rising to glisten in the sky and breathe in the beauty of the world with solar rays of love and hate. Designed to illuminate the young and old. God bless the dreams of a 14 year old and keep them safe in your Heart. We will always be looking for Rock 'n' Roll because it's real man." - Mike Mazzeo aka Mike Amerika aka Darth Vader aka Michael of America aka The Psychedelic Warrior Poet aka The Dark Knight  aka Mike the American aka Mazzdogg

Mike Amerika is an Artist from Southern New Jersey. He enjoys retro gaming, movies, listening to music, reading, practicing guitar, writing, drawing and painting, and practicing breathing.  Mike has a serious mental illness called Schizoaffective Bipolar Type.  Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and son.